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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finally~ THE END

A huge mix of emotions..........

I am really glad that everything went well and I couldn't be more happy to come back and work. But in the mean time, loads of memories are flashing back. Remembering the days when I just arrived in London with Tao, he has already graduated last year and had been working for nearly a year. And then the excitement of exploring London, taking the tube to places that I have never been then. I admit I was quite a bastard for not joining my friends enough during my first two years, but I think I have made it up for the last two.

When I first got here, I was staying at uncle teddy's place *which is pretty tight spaced*; and after about a week, I was in Garden Hall, and met some interesting people there. Sherin, the now going to be Lehman Brother's banker; Nicole, the Stanford grad; Chang Yong, the trusty singapore General going to be and loads of others that I might even have forgotten their names but remembered their faces. Alot of people came and went during this four years, but it was hell of a ride. There were ups and downs, but equally memorable.

To my coursemates whom I have spent my past four years with, you guys were the best ! *in no order*, I thank........ Sherin, Pav, Shery(yanyan), Lena, Reem, Colman, Jess, Ralph, Dena, Shawn, Nasser, even Zohaib =) and loads of others............. Materials wouldnt have rocked soo much without every single one of them. People might looks down at materials people and always claim that it is easy to do it, tell them to come and take the course then. And we have the most diverse of people who will be doing the most interesting jobs around =) I salute all of you !!!

Outside RSM, Materials Department

Ofcourse, there are friends that have been around as well, such as Tock !! The undead of Imperial grads, he is the luckiest guy with exams. I wish you best of luck and will definitely see you around. The three angels *since i am Charlie*, the three most wonderful juniors I have met so far haha. Without missing out the thai princess, J; whom is pretty but sometimes I think she is a huge bimbo, hahahahaha. Peiru, who hopefully be back for her phd. Some goes to Thong, the hilarious Reading dude that I met on the plane. Speaking of which that I have made quite a few good friends on the plane by travelling to and from London =) Lastly, I would also thank Vanjean for being here and made my university life something more special. Though a late entrance, she does made a huge difference in my life. =)

I really would miss the student life but oh well, we know life goes on rite. It is time to flip a page in my life and write a brand new one. If i ever miss IC, since Qiting is still going to have 3 years, I might just visit or use the gym for free *with his card* HARHARHAR !!!!

The Queen's Tower;
That is the largest JELLY flag on earth. Damn you singaporeans !!=)

The great Hall, My Malaysian Nite memories. 2003-2007 ; Yes I was involved EVERY year !!

Okla everybOOOOdayyy~ I shall stop here.

See you all back in London or just meet up in KL k !


The never-stopping Rocker !

Monday, May 14, 2007

My Song - Infinite

This is the second of the three songs i had to submit for my course.

Hope you all like it, it is my favourite of the three.




Friday, May 11, 2007

My Song - Bells

This is my first techno composition while taking my Music Tech classes in Imperial.

Hope you all like it, or at least DONT HATE IT


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

abit the FURY

I didnt talk about this alot to alot of people.

But I am just abit too pissed to find out something today.

I had a GREAT housemate last year whom everyone thinks that he is a nice person. And most important thing of all, he talked behind our backs after we moved seperate ways (me and another person). All because he thinks that we were not competent enough to stay with him.

We both kept quiet and think that maybe we shouldnt get involve in all this nonsense, fine......

Then comes the whole 2000 over pound deposit thingy. he asked me to do it, I did do it. The agent did email me and asked me whom to release the money to, he said he wanted it so he would distribute it to us. I kindly agreed and didnt think too much. In the end, he told us he didnt receive the money........

After five months NOW, i got an email from the agent telling us that the money had been sent out in christmas. How can that GREAT housemate never knew about the money ? common everyone in this world knows that he is super TIGHT with his money.

Fuck it. he says he didnt knew about it. I just called him today to Norway

I cant believe there are people like this in the world.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Little Update

Dear all,

If those of you still visit this once in a while, I am glad =)

A Good News !!!

I got an offer for a job here in the UK.

It is with an auditing firm, Deliotte; though not investment banking like I really wanted, this is the next best thing, I am pretty grateful that I got it.

But I still need my 2nd upper to get the job properly, which i would die die vomit out it anyway. =)

Meanwhile, everything is fine here, Me and Jean had a great holiday together over the whole easter break. She can't wait to fly back, I can't seem to be ready to go back yet @@; Somehow four years just passes by within a blink of an eye, soo many things happened; soo many things changed....... hmmmm........ when would I die then ???

Nonsense aside, a few pictures of the recent GREAT weather. Courtesy of Tock, with compliments from Belinda & Chuen Huey

Tock with the purple convict

Everyone....... Belinda busy on phone

This would be the 'Flying Zhen'
Many thanks to the cameraman -Tock and his trusted camera

Anyone of you peeps interested for an Island trip back home, please feel free to contact me k !


no longer LONELY but still ROXX !=p


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's 2007


I have actually never really celebrated Valentine's with anyone yet, so Jean was the first lucky girl to do so with me *hahaha*
Due to the SURPRISE element that I wanted to give her, we had to wake up so early in the morning, *all I told her was that we were going to a posh restaurant somewhere FAR*

just as I expected, she only realised we were heading to PARIS when we needed to check for our passports !!!!!

Here I am in GARD DE NORD

Here is Jean due to lack of sleep in the morning !

Because I hadn't plan the trip in Paris apart from GETTING THERE, we had to rely on our very good navigator "myself", and our well spoken English. First thing we head for was the LOURVE, die die also must see the Mona Lisa, getting ourselves accustomed to the French Metro system , I must say that now I love London sooooooo much, the tube is sooo easy compared to the METRO.

their METRO

When we got out of the station LOURVE-RIVOLI, we were greeted by RAIN and had no idea where we should head..... then we saw this nice building.......

this was actually the BACKSIDE of the lourve =p

first photo we took together *hence ulgy*

Making Our way through the puzzle of buildings after we realised we have gotten to the Lourve !! Got excited and took tons of photo

So we queued and got in and realised today was FREE ADMITTANCE to the MUSEE, hurray, and then below are some pictures from the Egyptian Gallery.

me and Ramseys II
Jean and Coffin


then we saw the Mona Lisa and alot of other very OLD stuff that we dont know what is it .....

We head of to our next destination .........

After that we headed back to Gard du Nord because it was already 6pm, our train leaves at 8.45pm.... on the way back we stopped by the famous NOTRE DAME
We then proceed back to the station and quickly have takeaways and randomly walked around....

The whole trip was short but packed with adventurous bits, we didnt had proper meals and was drenched in rain !! But I am sure both of us will never forget this trip =p



Thursday, February 08, 2007

The First Valentine Celebration


SHE doesnt know what is going to happen yet.......

BUT I have already planned it.........

HENCE she is going to FREAK OUT

MY first valentines celebration still =p

PRETTY sure she will not check out the blog, and stole her PASSPORT.